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Parrot Language Testing challenges you to prove your language skills and earn a Parrot rating.

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You worked hard for your language skills.

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Take the Parrot Language Test to get a triple-verified rating to demonstrate your language skills to prospective employers.

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For Applicants

Claiming to be fluent is easy. Backing it up with an authoritative rating will grab the attention of even the most selective hiring managers.

Language testing for businesses

For Businesses

Our patent-pending methodology will give you triple-verified results in less than 24 hours, so you can make the best hire possible.

Approved by NBCMI for Medical Interpreter Certification

Parrot is proud to have earned, after a careful review, the approval of the national certifying body for medical interpreters: the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI). That means that interpreters pursuing NBCMI certification can use Parrot’s test to demonstrate their proficiency in English and Spanish.

Click to learn more about how Parrot can help you become a certified medical interpreter.

A Parrot rating gives you an edge.

Set yourself apart from those with unverified language claims and get your foot in the door.

Learning a language is hard.

Getting certified shouldn’t be.

You’ve put in the work to learn another language, so all you should have to do to get certified is show those skills. That’s why we make the process incredibly easy. You can do it all right now, in a half-hour, right from your computer.

Step 2

Take the test.

Step 3

Get your certificate.

Meet a few of our raters.

Our raters aren’t a bunch of stuffy linguistics professors (although we love those). They’re people from a variety of backgrounds, just like you’d speak to every day at your job. By drawing from a large group of diverse raters with proven language rating skills, we get more accurate, reliable, and practical ratings.

Alice D., Rater

Alice is a new mom and rates Parrot English tests from home in the evenings after putting her newborn to bed. She loves having a flexible schedule so she doesn’t have to miss a second with her son.

Tony Richard, Rater

Tony is an IT manager in Nashville, TN. In his spare time, he plays basketball and tennis and builds gaming PCs. He rates French and English tests for Parrot on the weekends.

Why not you?

If you speak even just one language fluently, you could be qualified to join our team of raters making an average of $20 an hour in their spare time.


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