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Your Bilingual Employees are an Asset

Your Bilingual Employees
Are An Asset. Reward Them

Treat your employees exactly as you want them
to treat your best customers.

– Stephen R. Covey –

High-Quality Service To
More Customers

Not all your customers and vendors speak fluent English.

Your bilingual (& multilingual) employees are essential for your business.

They help you provide high-quality service to more customers.

They are a valuable asset to you.

Language Is Not An
Easy Skill

Not everyone can learn and master a foreign language.

In fact, only 17% of the world’s population can do it well.

The Bilingual Incentive
Pay Program

It’s time to incentivize foreign-language skills.

The best companies are adopting the Bilingual Incentive Pay Program.
Just like the government’s FLIP Program (Foreign Language Incentive Pay).

It benefits both your company and bilingual employees.

Test your bilingual employees with Parrot.
And reward them.

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Parrot Language Tests are Easier, Cheaper, Faster

100% validated test results within 24 hours


Tell us which candidates you want to test


We administer the secure
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You get triple-verified
results in 24 hours

Train people well enough so they can leave.
Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

– Sir Richard Branson –

Finding & Hiring Great, Skilled Employees is Not Easy.

Keeping Them Happy is Even
More Difficult.

Parrot’s accurate and validated real-life language tests are loved across industries and government agencies.

Reward The Skill, Not The Certification

Not everyone who took a language class at school / university can actually speak it well today.

Parrot’s language tests are intelligently-designed to help you accurately measure & reward actual workplace language skills.

Validated Tests

Accurate, Reliable and
Triple-Verified Results

Results within
24 hours

Anywhere / Anytime


Proven RFP


Approved for use in the US National Certification for Medical Interpreters

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A company is only as good as the people
it keeps.

– Mary Kay Ash –

The Only Language Test That Delivers Remote Online Testing With High Security

(at no additional cost to you)

Cheating? No Chance!

  • Passive & active identity confirmation during the test
  • Automatic and manual review of atypical response patterns
  • Verifiable certificate codes with optional photo ID

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