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National Medical Interpreter Certification

What is a certified medical interpreter?

National medical interpreter certification helps protect patients & providers.

What do medical interpreters do?

Communication is rarely as important as it is when it comes to healthcare. Good communication helps patients be understood and makes sure that they receive the proper care. In contrast, breakdowns in communication can carry serious risk. That’s why certification is needed.

Medical interpreters make sure that patients and providers understand each other, and as such they need to speak both languages. In most cases in the US, interpreters speak English and at least one other language, and are called in when patients speak a language in which they specialize.

Because their job is so critical, medical interpreters are often asked to be certified by a body like CCHI or NBCMI. Both groups require all applicants to show dual language proficiency. To that end, each views a Parrot rating of ILR-2 or higher as proof.

What qualifies someone to be a medical interpreter?

To interpret in the medical field you need to speak at least two languages. However, that’s just one part of the equation.

Medical interpreters also need unique skills. For example, they need to know how to express complex medical ideas in a way that will be understood by people of all ages. They need to listen carefully, think quickly, and speak clearly.

After a candidate has shown they speak two languages well, they must complete an interpreting course. Finally, they must take and pass an exam that covers both language and interpreting skills.

The National Medical Interpreter Certification Process

Get your Parrot rating.

It’s super fast and easy. A Parrot rating of ILR-2 or higher is a passing grade.

Do the required training.

Both certifying bodies require you to do training. Learn more on CCHI and NBCMI‘s websites.

Pass the final exam.

This is the last hurdle. Pass the tests required by either CCHI or NBCMI and you’re ready for duty!

More Questions about National Medical Interpreter Certification

Is certification required?

In most cases, yes. While some non-certified people might provide some services, this is becoming rare. Those who hire medical interpreters today are mostly requiring national medical interpreter certification.

How do you become a certified medical interpreter?

There are three steps: dual language proficiency, interpreter training, and a skills exam. CCHI and NBCMI accept a Parrot rating as proof of language proficiency.

Can I get national medical interpreter certification online?

Yes. You can do it all online, starting with the Parrot language test. Our test is available on-demand, 24/7. You can take it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How much does certification cost?

The full cost depends on how you complete some of the steps. You can learn more on CCHI and NBCMI’s websites. Parrot is the cheapest way to take the first step and show dual language proficiency. You can get a Parrot rating for just $34.

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