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Medical Translator Certification

How is medical interpreting different from medical translation?

Learn about medical interpreter and medical translator certification below.

Is there a difference between interpreting and translating?

Short answer? Yes. Translating usually refers to the conversion of a written passage from one language into another. In contrast, interpreting is done in the moment, usually out loud, and without the use of reference materials. However, in many cases, people use these terms interchangeably.

When it comes to certification, there is currently no specific medical translator certification being offered. However, two national accrediting bodies (CCHI and NBCMI) certify medical interpreters. So, if one wishes to specialize in medical translation, those certifications would likely be the closest option available.

The first step to becoming a certified medical interpreter is demonstrating language proficiency. You can do so with a certified Parrot rating.

How to Become a Medical Translator

As we mentioned before, there is no certification specifically for medical translators. Even so, most people hiring medical translators will be looking for some type of skill verification.

To translate in any setting, you need the requisite language skills. A certified Parrot rating will give you reliable, third-party proof of those skills. That’s much more effective than simply typing “fluent” on your resume and calling it a day.

If you want to really stand out, experience will go a long way. On the other hand, if you don’t have specific medical translation experience, you might want to consider becoming a certified medical interpreter. That will further demonstrate your skills to anyone viewing your resume.

The National Medical Interpreter Certification Process

Get your Parrot rating.

It’s super fast and easy. A Parrot rating of ILR-2 or higher is a passing grade.

Do the required training.

Both certifying bodies require you to do training. Learn more on CCHI and NBCMI‘s websites.

Pass the final exam.

This is the last hurdle. Pass the tests required by either CCHI or NBCMI and you’re ready for duty!

More Questions

Is certification required?

To become a translator, no. In fact, there is no specific medical translator certification available. However, if you want to become a medical interpreter, certification is often required. An interpreter certification might even help you stand out when looking for translation work.

How do you become a certified medical interpreter?

There are three steps: dual language proficiency, interpreter training, and a skills exam. For the first step, CCHI and NBCMI accept a Parrot rating as proof.

Can I get national medical interpreter certification online?

Yes. You can do it all online, starting with the Parrot language test. To that end, our test is available on-demand, 24/7. And you can take it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How much does certification cost?

The full cost depends on how you complete some of the steps. You can learn more on CCHI and NBCMI’s websites. Either way, Parrot is the cheapest option for the first step. You can get a Parrot rating for just $34.

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