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Medical Interpreter Certification Test

Can I get certified as a medical interpreter online?

Yes, the medical interpreter certification test & training can be done online.

Medical Interpeter Certification Online

While physical interpreter training schools are great, online certification can be more convenient. For that reason, NBCMI has designed a remote certfication process.

The other certfication body, CCHI, also lets you complete most of the process online. However, their final CoreCHI exam must be completed in a proctoring center near you.

Whether you choose NBCMI or CCHI, Parrot can get you started. Both groups require proof of language proficiency, and both groups accept a Parrot rating as proof. To that end, the Parrot test is taken remotely, and it only takes about a half hour.

Online Tests & Training

There are two types of tests on the road to becoming a certified medical interpreter. Firstly, some candidates will need to take a language proficiency test to prove they have the language skills to qualify. That’s Parrot’s specialty. At the end of the process, you will need to take a final medical interpreter certification test from either CCHI or NBCMI.

Each group’s medical interpreter certification test is administered online. NBCMI’s can be taken either at home or at proctoring centers. In contrast, CCHI’s online test is only offered in secure proctoring centers.

Both groups also require training. Both physical schools and online courses are included on CCHI & NBCMI‘s lists of approved programs.

The National Medical Interpreter Certification Process

Get your Parrot rating.

It’s super fast and easy. A Parrot rating of ILR-2 or higher is a passing grade.

Do the required training.

Both certifying bodies require you to do training. Learn more on CCHI and NBCMI‘s websites.

Pass the final exam.

This is the last hurdle. Pass the tests required by either CCHI or NBCMI and you’re ready for duty!

More Questions about National Medical Interpreter Certification

Is certification required?

In most cases, yes. While some non-certified interpreters are out there, this is becoming rare. Those who hire medical interpreters today are mostly requiring certification.

How do you become a certified medical interpreter?

There are three steps: dual language proficiency, interpreter training, and a skills exam. To start, CCHI and NBCMI accept a Parrot rating as proof of proficiency.

How much does certification cost?

The full cost depends on how you completethe steps. Learn more on CCHI and NBCMI’s websites. Either way, Parrot is the cheapest option to start. You can get a Parrot rating for just $34.

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