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Know Before You Hire

Know Before You Hire.

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Serve Your Customers

Not all your customers speak (fluent) English.

Serve them in their own language.

Wow them.

Ensure high-quality service with Parrot’s workplace-related tests for your bilingual employees.

(And avoid costly translation errors and misunderstandings)

Legal Compliance

If more than 5% of the population speaks it, you should speak it too.*

Provide equal and high-quality service to everyone.

(*Civil Rights Laws (Title IV) compliance)

Reward Your Bilingual

Some of the world’s biggest companies are adopting the Bilingual Incentive Pay Program.

Reward your bilingual employees.
They help you better serve more customers.
They are an asset to your organization.
Encourage employees to further develop their language skills to the point of professional value

(Only 17% of the world’s population speaks a foreign language.)

Validated Language Test Results
Within 24 Hours

Parrot makes your life easier and helps you hire better

Validated Tests

Accurate, Reliable and
Triple-Verified Results

Results within
24 hours

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‘Parrot Language Tests Are The Cheapest Way To
Avoid Expensive Mistakes On The Job.’

RFP Partner
Patent-Pending Methodology
Approved for use in the
US National Certification for Medical Interpreters

Language Tests For The Workplaces

Parrot language tests that cover the professional market.

Whether it’s banking & finance, legal, law enforcement, government organization, medical & healthcare industry…

Every industry has different language needs.

Parrot language tests ensure there are no unpleasant surprises later on the job.

Attractive, immersive
prompts that put candidates in
professional situations.

Questions that test your
applicants in real-life scenarios
before you hire them.

The Only Language Test That Delivers
Remote Online Testing With High Security

(at no additional cost to you)

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